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  • What is the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2?
    Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 is a non-invasive vibration therapy tool used to quickly release pain and stiffness of the muscles. It has 5-treatment heads with 170hz per second.
  • What are the benefits of the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2?
    Benefits of the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 include the following: the quick release of pain, tension, and stiffness; the relaxing of muscles; the relief of aches and pains.
  • What is vibration therapy?
    Rapid Release Therapy pioneered high-speed vibration therapy in 2010 and discovered the optimal vibration speed for versatility and results. The Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 uses this powerful vibration therapy with high frequency and short stroke to relieve pain, remove tension, and revitalize muscles.
  • Is Rapid Release suitable for anyone?
    While Rapid Release is suitable to most people, those who have the following conditions should take note before using Rapid Release or other massagers: These Contraindications are for electric massagers/vibrators including your Pro2 and Juvenate. Do not apply during pregnancy. Do not apply to persons with pacemaker or defibrillators. Do not apply over implanted plates or screws. Do not apply to an open wound, bruises, incisions, tumors or cancer. Do not apply over bony surfaces. Do not use if you or a family member have a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) blood clots. Do not use if you have a disease(s) that deep vibration is not recommended. Stop session if irritation, swelling, excessive Redness or pain increases. WARNING: This device should not be used over swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions. Do not use in the presence of unexplained pain or inflammation. Consult a physician. If you have any doubts or questions about appropriateness of use, please consult your healthcare professional.
  • Can I use the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 or Pro 3 on myself?
    Yes, both the Pro 2 and Pro 3 are ideally suited for self-care. Of course, doctors, physiotherapists, and coaches could use it to treat their patients as well. The Pro 2 is corded and has 10,000 rpm power which penetrates deep into the muscle and soft tissue. The Pro 3 is cordless and runs in battery which is suitable for on-the-go massage therapy and for travelling.
  • What do the different treatment heads do?
    The Large Tip is used for most applications. The Actuator is used to apply vibration to a very small area. The Treatment Cap is for smoothing and gentle application. The Soft Tip is for use over bony areas.
  • How long are the treatments?
    Initial session time is 2 to 5 minutes. Keep initial session brief, so you can see how the body responds to high-speed vibration. Do not use continuously for more than 10 minutes. Please allow it cool off 5 to 10 minutes before the next use. There is no observed benefit to sessions lasting longer than 5 minutes per area.
  • What are the motions I should be using with the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2?
    Keep the device moving about 1 inch per second in a circular or zig-zag motion.
  • Should I press down hard with the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 during treatment?
    Applying pressure is not needed or recommended. Let the weight of the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 do the work for you. Remember the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2’s effectiveness derives from it’s unique frequency; therefore too much pressure can compress the tissue and limit the penetration of the vibration.
  • How do I use the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2 or Pro 3?
    Please refer to your instruction manual or card.
  • How long does my warranty last?
    The Rapid Release Therapy is under Limited Warranty for 1 year from purchase date. Please refer and read the instruction manual before first use. Please note, any misuse or inappropriate use (including using it for other than massage purpose) ; damage caused by users and inappropriate storage would cause the warranty to become void
  • Can I see a demonstration before purchase?
    Yes, you can contact us for an appointment first. Our offices are located at Wanchai and Sheung Wan. Remember: By Appointment Only
  • Do I need to register for my warranty and how?
    Yes, please register your warranty with the instructions on your usb card.
  • What is the difference of Pro 2 and Pro 3?
    The Pro 2 is corded and has 10,000 rpm power which penetrates deep into the muscle and soft tissue. The Pro 3 is cordless and runs in battery which is suitable for on-the-go massage therapy and for travelling. The Pro 3 is a new generation massage gun with ergonomic design and longer battery life than the now discontinued Juvenate. The Pro 3 is lighter, smoother, quieter, cordless with long battery life.
  • 什麼是Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) Pro2?
    Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) Pro2是一種非入侵性的震動治療按摩槍,用於快速舒緩肌肉的酸痛和僵硬。 它內置有5個不同按摩頭,以每秒170hz極速放鬆各部位筋肌。
  • 使用Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) Pro2有什麼好處?
    Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) Pro2的優點包括:快速舒緩筋肌痛楚,繃緊和僵硬; 放鬆肌肉; 減輕疼痛和不適。
  • 什麼是震動治療?
    Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) 於2010年開創了高速震動療法的先河,研發了最佳的震動波幅來達致最見效的全面性放鬆舒緩筋肌繃緊和不適。安全有效並非侵入性, 纯以高頻震動達致肌肉深層快速消除酸痛舒展筋骨。
  • Rapid Release Therapy適合任何人嗎?
    雖然Rapid Release Therapy適用於大多數人,但具有以下條件的人仕在使用本按摩槍或其他按摩器之前應注意以下事項: 這些狀況適用於使用電動按摩器/震動器,包括Pro2和Juvenate。 懷孕期間請勿使用。 不適用於配帶起搏器或除顫器的人。 請勿用在植入體內的平板或螺釘上。 請勿用在傷口,瘀傷,切口,腫瘤或患癌處上。 請勿在骨質表面上使用。 如果您或家人有深靜脈血栓形成(DVT)血凝塊病歷,請勿使用。 如果您患有不適宜深度震動的疾病,請不要使用。 如果感到不適,腫脹,過度發紅或疼痛加劇,請即時停止使用。 警告:請勿在腫脹或發炎的位置及患有皮膚敏感處使用此按摩槍。 請勿在無法解釋的疼痛或發炎的情況下使用。 建議先諮詢醫生。 如果您不確定自己的身體狀況是否適合使用此產品,請先諮詢您的醫療保健專業人員。
  • 我可以自己使用Rapid Release Therapy Pro 2或 Pro 3嗎?
    可以,Pro2和Pro 3 非常適合自我護理。 當然醫生,物理治療師和體能教練日常也可用來治療他人。
  • 不同的按摩頭有什麼用途?
    大按頭用於普遍範圍。 指壓頭適用於集中震動較小部位。 大按摩帽用作柔和舒緩。 軟按頭適用於骨骼位置。
  • 每次治療需要多長時間?
    開始時2至5分鐘。剛使用時不適宜太長時間,以便感到身體對高速震動的反應。 切勿持續使用超過10分鐘。 再使用前,先將按摩槍停下5至10分鐘降溫。 每個部位持續按超過5分鐘并不會增強效益。
  • 使用Rapid Release Therapy Pro2時應該用什麼動作?
  • 在治療過程中,我是否應用力按壓Rapid Release Therapy Pro2?
    不需要及不建議施加壓力。 只需利用Rapid Release Therapy Pro2本身的重量就可以。 請緊記,Rapid Release Therapy Pro2的效力源於其經精心研究的獨特頻率; 因此,太大的壓力會壓縮組織並限制震動的滲透力。
  • 如何使用Rapid Release Therapy Pro 2 或 Pro 3?
  • 保養有效期多久?
    由購買日起計算,Rapid Release Therapy 享有一年的有限保養。 首次使用前,請詳細參閱說明手冊。 注意,任何濫用或不當使用(包括將其用於按摩以外的用途) ; 用戶造成的損壞和不當的存放將導致保養失效
  • 購買前可有示範嗎?
    可以,請先與我們聯絡進行預約。 我們的辦公室位於灣仔及上環。 注意:僅只接受預約
  • 如何登記保養?


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